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1912 Discover The Maison

Expressing an essential symbolism, decorations are worn when bearing arms ans performing other ceremonies.

From the most basic decorations to the most prestigious orders, such as the French Legion of Honour, National Order of Merit, and military medal, Drago Paris crafts a wide array of official decorations.

Drago Paris origins

Discover Our savoir-faire

Upholding the excellence of French craftsmanship, we strive to express our history and values through each and every object. We work hand-in-hand with you to design the unique object that will perfectly fulfil your expectations, crafted by our expert artisans :

  • Precious metal design
  • Medallist
  • Enamellers, printers
  • Ribbon needleworker
Drago Paris savoir-faire

Discover Our commitments

Drago Paris is committed to sharing the environmental and social impact of its activity in a transparent way. Guided by our convictions and values, we structure our precious metal artistry arounf four areas :

  • Our approach to continuous improvement
  • Our approach to quality
  • Our approach to the environment
  • Our approach to skill sharing
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Precious metal design Creating objects in your image

Drago Paris is heir to the manufacturing savoir-faire of the French Legion of Honour, and has been crafting decorations for all French National and Ministerial Orders, as well as honorary medals and other civilian and military decorations, for more than a century. The excellence and unique expertise of the Maison convey the prestige, heritage, and history of these organisations and their decorations.

Upholding traditional craftsmanship and embracing cutting-edge technology, today’s Drago Paris offers a diverse array of exceptional pieces and exclusive products, including bespoke items that reflect the image of your company or organisation, for your events, employees, customers, and more.